Dog beds that make snoozing even more enjoyable.

There’s nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a good night’s sleep. This is true not just for people, but for dogs, too. Dogs actually generally sleep between 12 to 18 hours a day, depending on age. So, they need a comfy dog bed to snooze on just like we do. Although you might find your dog occasionally, or often, snuggled by your side during the night, dogs need to have a dog bed of their own. Then, even when you’re not there, they can relax in a spot that’s dedicated to them.

A great dog bed provides your doggie a space that’s not only comfortable but also supportive and soft and is much warmer than the floor. Like people, dogs also need a good night’s rest to stay healthy. This is especially important for older dogs and puppies who need a bit more sleep. Dogs are den animals so they appreciate having a spot where they can relax.

You’ll want to choose a good dog bed that is an appropriate size for your pup. Naturally, large dogs need bigger beds than small ones. This ensures that your furry friend has more than enough space to stretch out and snooze. We have a range of luxurious dog beds will ensure a good nights rest. All our dog beds are washable and have removable covers making life much easier.
All our dog beds have been made in the UK with some handmade and made to order.

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