Handmade healthy dog treats made in the UK using 100% natural ingredients.

There are many reasons to give your doggies dog treats. It can be as a reward, an in-between snack or a boredom busting tool to keep them occupied. No matter the intention, it’s important to know how to spoil your furry friend while creating a standard for etiquette so that you can both enjoy the fun and benefits that result from reinforcing good behaviour. The dog treats we have carefully selected at Woof & Paws are very healthy treats for your dog. They have a high meat content and all the ingredients are natural. These are dog treats that have been made by people passionate about dogs and we have no doubt will be enjoyed time and time again.
Dog treats are actually an essential part of positive reinforcement, rewards-based training and treats are a powerful influence during training as a key method to reward desired manners. A dog’s perception of receiving a treat is very similar to other forms of affection we shower them with like satisfying belly rubs etc. When you give your dog a treat, it sends a signal to their brain that they are doing something that we like at that very moment. If you are trying to teach your dog to perform a task or build better manners, dog treats are a great way to achieve that behaviour so it’s important that your dog associates reward with a calm, obedient demeanor. Sometimes, part of our duties as dog parents include activities with our dogs that they may not necessarily like. This includes grooming, bathing, medicating, and teeth brushing. Dog treats can also be a good technique to create positive association after your dog has undergone something not so pleasant. You can also get your dog to properly walk beside you by using dog treats. Having a secret treat stash to help regain your dog’s attention can help make walks more enjoyable. Remember, dog treats are a form of affection. They need to be given at the right time and for the right reasons. You can actually confuse your dog if you’re not consistent in how you administer treats. Keep in mind that the dog treat or reward must occur immediately or your dog might not associate their actions with treating. Once your dog has learned new behaviour, treat him intermittently to keep him working for praise. Finally, as much as they’d like to, our dogs can’t come with us everywhere we go. Not only do dog treats help keep dogs content in our absence, but they also offer extra stimulation throughout the day.

When you have chosen your dogs treats, you will be needing a special jar to keep them fresh and tasty so have a look at our selection of dog treat jars here