Stylish & practical dog clothing made in the UK.

Dog owners often think their doggies don’t need coats or jumpers to keep warm. This is in fact a misconception. Dog coats and jumpers are not just about making your dog look stylish and adorable. In fact, dog coats and dog jumpers are super important to keep your doggie warm and dry in bad weather conditions. Smaller breeds get colder quicker due to their small size. Regardless of whether or not they have thick fur or an undercoat, most small dogs will get colder fast due to their small stature. Additionally if your breed is native to a hot country, it’s likely that they will need a coat or a jumper in even mildly cold weather. These types of dogs will need a variety of outwear for different seasons. Dogs with short hair don’t have the same insulating quality to their coats. While their fur coat may provide some insulation, think of it as a light spring jacket rather than a cold-weather one. Certain breeds of dogs also have very short legs. These pets are close to the ground and the snow and ice. Young and elderly dogs also don’t have as efficient heat regulation as healthy adult dogs.

To ascertain the correct size for a dog coat, please measure your dog from the base of neck to beginning of the tail.

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