Stylish & practical luxury dog carrier bags made in the UK.

These handmade dog carrier bags allow you to take your dog with you on every trip! Perfect for dog owners on the go. Our range of dog carrier bags are available in a variety of colours and styles. These are made to order and delivery is approximately 2-3 weeks. 

A dog carrier bag is a great lightweight alternative to dog crates. This is particularly true for shorter trips and small dogs and are also ideal for taking your dog out on a longer walk or outing too, where their legs might not keep up for the whole distance and you can carry them on your shoulder! This also applies to puppies who tire easily during their first few months out and about.

A dog carrier shoulder bag can also be the perfect choice if your dog is older or less agile, helping to ensure your senior dog can still get out and about. They are super comfortable for your dog and look great too.

Whilst most dogs love walks, they can require carrying more often than you’d think. For example, puppies can’t go out and about until they’ve been fully vaccinated. Even if they’ve had their first set of vaccinations, most vaccines require a second set before a dog is actually protected against diseases that can be picked up from the ground, water and other unvaccinated dogs, so you’ll need some way of carrying them for the first few weeks after you pick them up at 8-10 weeks of age. Although walks are not possible when they are very young, puppies also need socialising and exposure to sights and sounds to ensure they grow up to be well adjusted to life therefore a pet carrier bag is great for getting them out and about.

Even when they can go outside, puppies shouldn’t walk for more than about five minutes per month of age, once or twice a day. This is to protect their developing bones and joints, and some smaller or less active breeds can’t walk a long way even once fully grown.

Dogs may also need a dog carrier bag if they develop an illness or disability that prevents them from either walking very far.
A dog carrier bag gives your small dog the opportunity of a rest bite whilst travelling and allows you to safely handle your dog. Our range of dog carrier bags/pet carrier bags ensures they travel in comfort & style and look great too!