Fun and stylish dog toys to keep your furry friend entertained

We have a quality range of dog toys for your cutie. At this time we are adding more dog toys on a regular basis as and when we source quality made toys. 

Many behaviour problems in dogs are the result of boredom or excess energy. Toys offer your dog a great way to keep your doggie entertained. The mental stimulation and enrichment provided by dog toys will tire your dog out quicker than a 30min walk, leaving them with less energy to get themselves into trouble! Dog toys also can enhance your pup’s ability to learn, helping them develop new skills. It also promotes their natural behaviour such as foraging, exploring and playing. Providing your doggie with dog toys can also be a perfect way to keep their stress levels down and the more toys they have the more relaxed they will feel. It can give them an alternative also do bad behaviour e.g chewing etc

Please note that no dog toy is indestructible therefore please ensure you supervise your dog whilst play with toys takes place. Regular checks on their toys should also be carried out. If damage is apparent discontinue use and replace with a new dog toy.

Regular checks of the condition of the toy should be done, as damage of the toy may lead to its swallowing or choking on it. In order to maintain safety, ensure your doggy is supervised whilst playing with toys.